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Minnetonka High School Pay It Forward Tour

The Minnetonka High School Pay It Forward Tour will have students from Minnetonka High School. The Pay It Forward Tour will take place from October 18th to 22nd, destined for St. Louis, MO.

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Board Update - September 2017

An update from the STLF Governing Board

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Get Involved/STLF Chapter Mentor

STLF is offering a new Leadership Role for ALUMNI only ... STLF Chapter Mentors!
We will assign each Chapter a mentor for additional support, encouragement, ideas, and inspiration.

To give you insight into the role...

An Alumni College Chapter Mentor is some who:
- Has previous involvement in STLF
- Helped influence an STLF college chapter as a student leaders in some way
- Has experience and advice to share regarding recruiting, logistics, planning, PMA

This role IS:
- Help mentor and develop chapter leaders
- Giving advice on your past experience
- Institutional/Historical Knowledge
- PMA Patrol
- Inspiring/Empowering/Big Sibling

What it’s NOT:
- Bad cop
- Staff “tattle tale or spy”
- A huge time commitment 
- Emergency responder or crisis manager
- Babysitter

Time Commitment:
- 1 Academic Year (August ​through May)
- Read over monthly email with talking points for your Chapter
- Once per month touch point (E-mail, Skype, Facetime, Personal Visit, ​Coffee date, Visit a Chapter or Core meeting, ​Conference Call)
- Submit check-in form once per month (a quick google doc for STLF Nash to read)​

This role will add an extra layer of support to our College Core Leaders. Thank you for considering the role, awesome Alumni!
To express interest in this role, please click here. We will make selection placements in July.

Questions? Email Cash at cash@stlf.net :)

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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